How To Make Keurig Coffee Stronger

How To Make Keurig Coffee Stronger

Last night, I had a stay over at my friend’s place. The next morning we wake up, I ask my friend about the coffee. He said that few days back he got a gift from another friend a Keurig coffee maker but doesn’t have clear idea that how to make Keurig coffee stronger.


Here are few simple quick hacks to overcome the problem of Keurig weak coffee problem.

Multiply Up Your Cups

You might be thinking that a strong cup can be obtained by increasing the watery level of coffee right!

But the right way is choosing the dark roasted K-cups for your Keurig coffee. Usually, light cups are mostly used for flavor coffee but if you really want your coffee to be bold and strong go for the dark one.

Alternate: Another method is to double your cup, how! Using 2 pods on the least ounce setting your Keurig machine can offer. It would much better if you avoid 8-ounce setting if possible!

Add-On for Coffee

In words, you might not agree with this step but trust us this will make you coffee special. Add just a pinch of salt. But only pinch! Be careful not to add more than that or it will over bitter your coffee. This chemical reaction would reduce the acidic level and gives you better taste.

Get Better Beans

You can get ready made Keurig pods if you desired. Basically, its the easiest way to get stronger Keurig coffe  Now, for the next step get yourself scissors or knife. You need to remove the lid from the K-cup. After the removal of foil used coffee filter & grounds.

Trick Up The K-Cup

Next step, I hope you still looking for a strong brew! To that, you can take the reusable filter to next level by inserting it to the body of K-cup. This will create a dual chamber to keep the H2O in a longer extraction position. These are few best reusable K cups for stronger coffee.

Let Freedom Ring

These days we have new machines which will only brew authorized printed Keurig pods with a unique ink. This is with the Freedom Clip, which contains attaches Keurig coffee inside and can effectively trick your Keurig machine into thinking pod, this is the real deal.

Keep it Hygienic

Always keep the area and machine clean because an unclean machine will contain bacteria that will make your Keurig coffee very unpleasant. You can always use vinegar to keep it in a perfect shape, once used rinse it with clean water to remove the taste of vinegar. Hop it looks better now!

Heat Things Up

This step is very crucial for the perfection of strong brew. No-one can get an exact idea regarding temperature control, so what can be done!

Just keep an eye on the timer to get better results. This is one the biggest issue about Keurig temperature gauge to be tracked that is water hot enough or the speed of the process. If you haven’t use the Keurig then run through the cycle of water so that machine is heated enough to give a start.

Time to Pull Out

This not necessary but just an advice.

Last few minutes of coffee runs are typically least potent. You don’t have to wait for the water to get even further beverage. Just grass the mug way from the end of the cycle. There is a reservoir available to collect the extra flow.

Dark Roasted or Extra Bold

Keurig coffee had a low chance in the process to touch the ground, the reason is hot water. So, any light roasts would turn out the coffee flavored taste like water. Our suggestion is that if you are picking Keurig’s pod (ready-made) then go for the dark roast one.

You have The Choice to Skip

Tea can be the caffeinated beverage for many people, but you have the choice to buy or not to buy tea K-cups. We suggest! You should skip this, instead use hot water function with tea bags. This would also help you to reduce the cost as they can be bought in bulk.

Finally, Something to Enjoy

Now, it’s time to enjoy your efforts and return on patience. You have effectively used the 8-ounce brew with enough water to make a perfect cup.

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