How To Make The Best French Press Coffee

How To Make The Best French Press Coffee

Morning startup and you need to find a right igniter to start your day. What could be better than coffee! To get your day going. You can cook any desired kind of coffee that prefers your taste. But for that, you need a good coffee maker! Some of the best coffee makers that are available in the market are Vacuum coffee maker, Drip coffee maker, Espresso Coffee maker, French press coffee maker, Thermal coffee maker and few other.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to make the best french press coffee. You might be thinking that French press requires a slightly more effort than basic drip or a Keurig machine. But trust us: This is the best way to make French press coffee. With perfection!

We are going to share the simplest method that how to make the best French press coffee at home.

To get on right track you must follow these steps:

Get Fresh Drinking Water

French Coffee contains more than 90 percent water (H2O), you can say that water has the higher ratio in French press coffee. So, before using the water do taste it, if it tastes fresh and delicious then go ahead and used it. Not necessarily that the water you use must be mineral water if tap water tastes good you can use that too. But in most areas of the world, tap water is not of good quality.

Coffee Beans with High Aroma

We are making a coffee right!

So, fresh coffee beans are the key to give your coffee a perfect flavor. Tip: always use beans that are not exposed to air for more than a day. If not then they might smell or taste bad. There a few ways you can get coffee.

  • Sealed Container/ bags of coffee
  • Non-sealed Container/ bag of coffee
  • Un-roasted bulk bins

Sealed bags of coffee

Sealed bags of coffee are available all over the market, you can get those near from supermarket. These are the unopened container with airtight seals. But once open, they started to lose their taste and aroma quickly. Almost within the week, they lose the complete flavor.

Un-sealed bags of coffee

These are the bags that are un-sealed such as paper bags, but before you buy do get these please checked for the roasted date. If they had been roasted a month earlier then they might not be fresh. If the date is not properly mentioned then ask the seller he/she might know you the details. Like it says:

Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. – David Letterman


Crush it up

Remember that you’ll get the finest flavored coffee by grinding your coffee beans exactly before you brew them. If you un-wrap the banana it started to get oxidize and change color or taste! Coffee beans are of the same class. But the problem is that you can’t these because of beans default color. Watch that grind: The grounds used for “drip coffee” are way too lesser and risk congestion a French press filter.

But before that do think. What you want!

Pieces them in the size of very small breadcrumbs or you can make it a little smaller than kosher salt. The choice is yours.

Accurate measuring

The ideal coffee to water (H20) ratio depends that how robust you want your drink. A general practice shows that 20 to 25 gram of coffee (almost a tablespoon) per 8 (eight) ounce of water is a good start say “Andrew Hetzel” (He is an industry consultant for coffee). The rest depends upon you that how much you want your coffee to taste stronger.

Find the right temperature of the water

Water if not on right temperature then you might miss out the enduring flavor of coffee. In most case temperature in numeric order is not mention, but you can always use cooking thermometer stick to get an idea. The ideal temperature is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and waits for 30 seconds.

French press how to use!

Place the crushed coffee ground in the bottom of your “French Press”, and fill it with water. Wait for almost 45 seconds to let everything settle. After that, you can give it a gentle stir. But not too hard…

Then look if all the grounds are fully saturated with water. Add rest of the water, and then place the lid on your carafe with the plunger dragged up all the way.

Watch the clock

The perfect combination is the key to get a better taste. Too little brew and you get the sour taste, too much and you’ll get the astringent taste.

So, how long you should wait for French press coffee?

Answer: 4 minutes would be ideal.

But if want a strong taste let it go for almost 6 minutes. But making it more than would destroy the taste of true coffee with no aroma at all. So be careful with the timer.

Get your favorite cup

Once the timer buzz, your wait is almost over. Lightly but stead fully press the plunger all the way down. Caution: Don’t press it hard or else it will spray all out onto you. Place pore it in your favorite cup.

All of you wait over now comes to end. The complete process would get almost 10 to 15 minutes. We told it was easy. This is how to make the best French press coffee at home. Now just clean the French press. And enjoy your perfect French press coffee to get your day start.

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