How to Use Espresso Maker Like a Pro

How to Use Espresso Maker Like a Pro

Do you want to learn how to use the espresso maker?

You are an espresso lover and want to start your morning with a cup of espresso. So it is not possible without an espresso machine. Most of you are finding the best ways to use the espresso maker.

So don’t worry in this article you will learn how to use espresso maker or espresso machine.

Espresso makers become in stove top or machine varieties. Machine varieties are comfortable to use, as they need less standard work. Most espresso makers are designed to be user-friendly. So it is simple in use just fill the filters with coffee grounds and wait for your espresso to brew. Clean your machine after each use.

Pro Tip: Be ready for the first time to take a few minutes longer. For learning how to use espresso machine and Stove top espresso maker.


Here are the methods of using espresso makers:

Method No.1 with Espresso Machine

making espresso coffee with espresso machine

Following are step by step process of using the Espresso Machine.

Put Water:

The reservoir is the portion of the machine that exists water. There will be a clearly labeled reservoir on your machine, with lines showing how far to fill it for a single or double shot. You can use filtered water if you favor, but some espresso machine has a built-in filter.

Switch on the Machine:

Then press your machine’s “on” button, which also clearly labeled. You have to wait till the of lights go on, symbolizing the machine is ready to use. Different machines show that they are ready in many ways, so check your direction manual.

Enter the Small Basket:

Separate the movable filter from under your machine. The movable filter in an espresso machine is filled with a shot basket based on the size espresso you need. Include both a single or double shot basket into the movable filter.

If you use a double shot basket for a single shot, your espresso will not turn out. Before filling the basket, check it again that you’re using the right one.

Filter Coffee Filling:

In the filter add your coffee grounds. With a spoon fill it to the edge with the grounds. If extra grounds got on the side of the filter, clean them off with your fingers.
If you’re grinding beans, utmost espresso machines have a built-in grinder.

Use espresso grounds over coffee grounds. Espresso grounds are ground finer than coffee grounds. Espresso makes its layers and flavor from the hot water is forced in very small grounds.

Using coffee within a few days usually maintains it stay fresh and makes strong-tasting espresso.

Use Tamper:

A tamper is a small tool with a handle. Which you will use to push down your coffee grounds. This will helps to press the grounds so you can make a strong-tasting shot of espresso. Use the tamper, push the top of the tamper on top of your grinds. Push downwards as far away the tamper will go to make your coffee grounds nice and short.

Lock the Filter:

Push the top of the movable filter under the machine’s spout. In most machines, you spin the filter lightly until you hear a clicking sound that means the filter is locked into the machine.

Set a Cup:

Set a cup under the faucet. Once the filter is locked, set a cup under the faucet. Make sure the cup is big enough to hold your espresso.

Shot Button:

Now press the shot button. Espresso machines have buttons for both single or double shots. So press the button for the shot size do you want. Then the machine will brew your espresso and pour into your cup.

Here is something more for you:

Method No.2 with Stove Top Espresso Maker

making coffee with steve top espresso maker

Below is step by step process of using a Stove top Espresso Maker.

Unscrew the Chambers:

Unscrew the top portion to the bottom portion their you will see the filter separate it. Fill the bottom portion with water don’t overfill it.

Add Water:

Fill water in the bottom chamber. The stove top espresso machine has a top and bottom chamber. The filled the bottom chamber just to the edge with cold water. It’s a good plan to quickly wash the chamber first, to make sure that it is as clean as possible. For best effects, use filtered water.

Add Coffee:

Now add coffee to the top chamber. Add ground coffee in the top filter, fill it to the edge. Do not press the coffee down. Level it with your fingertips and clean extra coffee from the sides.

Your espresso turns out better if you use espresso grounds. Espresso grounds are ground finer and espresso makes its layers and flavor from hot water.

Screw Chambers:

Screw the chambers together. Set the top chamber on the head of the bottom chamber. Screw them together strongly so the chambers are fully sealed without any gaps. Simply place the chambers on top of one another and screw.

Burner Time:

Put the espresso maker directly on the burner. It is not important to use a pot or pan. Turn the burner on to low heat.

Time To Serve:

Check the espresso maker on time during the process. Be careful because it will be too hot. When the espresso is prepared the top chamber will be loaded with coffee. At this time, turn off the burner and wait until the boiling sound quit. Then you can remove the espresso maker from the burner and pour it in a cup. It will not get more than five or ten minutes to brewed coffee.

Maintain Your Machine

Always maintain your machine keep it clean and wash well after the use.

Instruction Manual:

Must check your instruction text before using your machine. Every espresso machine is separate and different. It’s ever a great approach to read your instructions before using your machine. Just to make sure you’re using it perfectly.

If you missed your paper copy, you can search it on the internet about your model of the espresso machine. You may get a PDF of the instructions online.

Use Cold And Clean Water:

Only use cold and clean water to wash the reservoir. Dirty or warm water can damage your machine’s reservoir. Make sure you are using clean tap or bottled water that is fresh which you use to you brew your espresso. If you’re using tap water, it is good to filter it for before use.

Clean Your Machine:

Always clean your espresso machine after each use. After using an electronic espresso maker, Wash the filter to remove the espresso grinds after each use. Also, clean down the faucet and sides of the machine with a clean cloth to remove any stain.

Thanks for the reading, I hope these methods will help you and now you can choose the best method for self. 🙂


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